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essential resources come to the surface. A means to tap into vital reserves of being fully human. Personal potential rises from the depths to the fore.

BeingWell (ˈbiːɪŋ-wɛl) n. a natural pool where  

Being Well (ˈbiːɪŋ-wɛl) v. and adv. the state of

being in good physical and mental health.

The BeingWell is a well of a sort. It is a place where you tap into your very being to gather natural reserves. The BeingWell helps you access these resources.




The BeingWell works with:

  • Individuals who sign up for 1-2-1 or group classes.

  • Organisations looking for mindfulness as part of an occupational health or learning and development programme.

  • Not-for-profit organisations who want to offer mindfulness to their service users but do not have internal resourse for this.


The BeingWell is a social enterprise. This means that we are mindful of the society and community in which we exist and so we use a proportion of all profits to support and give to others. Research says that doing well for others is important for being well within ourselves..

The BeingWell:

  • Runs mindfulness group classes and you can register for a course.

  • Offers private mindfulness tuition for those who would prefer to work to their own timetable . This training can be for up to two people at a time. Ask your partner or a friend to join you in mindfulness training and be your practice buddy.  

  • Delivers mindfulness trainings for organisations. Bespoke programs can be tailored for business clients and please contact us to discuss your objectives with us.

The BeingWell's practitioners all meet and follow the standards and best practice guidelines set by the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers. This means that we have undertaken a robust specialist mindfulness teacher training. The mindfulness courses that we have been trained to teach have been researched and validated internationally. And we are regularly supervised to ensure that we maintain the best standards for our clients.


By becoming one of The BeingWell's visitor, you are automatically giving someone else in Tower Hamlets the opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness. Thank you for your custom and thank you for your generosity.


Watch our video on who we are and what we do. Just press play on the right hand side.


The BeingWell's practitioners are also well qualified in another specialism of working with the human mind. We are psychologists, psychotherapists or coaches with well-recognised qualifications and accreditation in these fields. This means that we do not offer mindfulness as a just an off-the-shelf product. We deeply understand how mindfulness fits within modern psychology and training theory. So we offer you quality, in-depth courses.

The BeingWell visitors care about building stronger and happier minds, relationships and communinities. Our clients know that keeping minds toned, flexible and resilient is important and they want to know how mindfulness can help them do this better.


Gendlin Focusing understanding feelings Social Enterprise Tower Hamlets, East London Wellspring for mindfulness

"We all have wellsprings of untapped potential. Mindfulness is your constant supply stream - your being well. Mindfulness is also a set of skills to draw on your natural inner resources."


Dr Sherylin Thompson, The BeingWell