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mindfulness resilience
  • Week 1. Shifting from autopilot to the present moment. Opportunity for learning, growth and change can only take place in the immediate point of time.

  • Week 2. Perception and responding. It is not what you see but how you see it.  The lens through which we see the world shapes our experience, our personalities and our behaviour.

  • Week 3. The power of the present. Learning about your patterns of reacting to life’s challenges. Watching in the moment as your mind tends to cling to certain ideas or avoid experiences.

  • Week 4. Coping with your life's challenges. Understanding how perception shapes experience and sets off automatic reactions.

  • Week 5. Responding instead of reacting. Dealing with difficult emotions / sensations. RAIN: Recognize/Accept/Investigate/Non-identify)

  • Smaller groups with a maximum of 10 participants. This can help each group member have more opportunity for input to group disucssion if they wish. It also allows for more individual attention from the teacher.

  • Taught by highly-qualified chartered psychologists who in addition meet the criteria of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.


  • £240 early-bird (until 25th August)

  • £280 (from 26th August)

  • £95 per 50 minutes if booked as one-to-one or up to three people.

  • Concessesionary rate: If you are facing financial hardship, please click on the concession button to the right to apply for a concessionary rate for group courses only.


Fee includes:

  • Professionally printed full colour handouts every week (about 9 pages each session).

  • Two DVDs with a total of 22 meditations (varying in length from three to 50 minutes).

  • An optional additional 6-hour session at a weekend.

  • A pre-course chat with the teacher to help you get the most from the programme.

  • Parking at the venue




You can book the group class or 1-2-1 sessions using the buttons. Or register your interest for the next scheduled course here.


Next group course: 

Dates & times: Tuesdays 7:15pm until 9:30pm: September 26; October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; November 7, 14. All-day session Sunday 5th November from 11am to 4pm

Mindfulness One-2-one, private tuition and Skype courses can be booked at a time to suit you on request.


Your teacher:

Dr Sherylin Thompson will be leading this group. Call 07940 516806 for any enquiries.


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Mindfulness Based Mind Building Training

This course follows the recognised MBSR curriculum. MBSR is the gold standard in mindfulness training and is the most widely researched and validated mindfulness programme available in the world.


The BeingWell prides itself on running quality courses with a maximum of 10 participants and led by highly-qualified chartered psychologists, who in addition meet the criteria set by the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.




Participants completing an MBSR programme report having:


  • more energy and enthusiasm

  • more ability to relax

  • more self-confidence

  • greater clarity and concentration

  • improved ability to handle stressful situations



There are over 100 randomised control studies on MBSR showing its effectiveness in building the brain to:  


  • increase productivity

  • sharpen focus

  • improve sleep

  • relieve pain

  • manage anxiety

  • cope with illness

  • feel a deeper sense of peace


All of this builds resilience and helps your respond better to life's little knocks.

When you have resilience, you know how to gather inner strength to resource you in the face of challenges. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks such as disappointments, heartache, uncertainty and loss. When you are depleted of resilience, you might dwell on difficulties, feel swamped or turn to unhealthy coping strategies such as withdrawing or binging.


Resilience is not about having a thick skin or blunting your emotions. Resilience will not make your problems go away or stop you feeling anything. Resilience gives you flexibility to step back to get perspective, see beyond difficulties, and find enjoyment in life no matter what gets thrown your way.


It is not your knowledge or ability of what you do in life that brings fulfilment, it is your psychological willingness to embrace all of life – including the difficulties that are inevitable in everyone’s lifetime, for example: bereavement, ill-health, and life changes you would prefer not to happen.

Resilience is the courage to face the stress head on, not to see mistakes as failure, having clarity of mind to see solutions, adjusting to change with dignity, collaborating well with others, and enjoying your successes with ownership and humility.


Mindfulness is a proven way to enhance your resiliency by strengthening your natural ability to enjoy life and open up to your potential, recognise emotions in yourself and others and to be skilled at managing them.  


  • Week 6. Mindful interconnections. Bringing mindfulness to your relationships and communications with others. Working with difficult situations by knowing your feelings and expressing them skillfully.

  • All day session. Deepening mindfulness. Developing mindfulness over a day of silence. Widening your awareness and self-knowledge.   .

  • Week 7. Being your own encouraging coach. Develop a healthier sense of confidence by taking care of yourself.

  • Week 8. Bringing it all together in your own personal plan. The beginning of the rest of your mindful life.


  • Learning to meditate in the sessions within a group of up to 12 people (you can also enquire about private MBSR tuition to do the course 1-2-1 or with a couple of friends).

  • Practicing meditation at home every day.

  • Doing simple home practice reflections on your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and experiences.

  • Talking about your experience of meditation in the group sessions. However, there is never pressure to share your experiences and you are welcome to be an active listener rather than participating through speaking.

  • Doing gentle physical movement. Please let the teacher know if you have any physical limitations.


"There is convincing evidence that certain ways of looking at oneself and at the world can predispose a person to illness, while other ways seem to promote resilience and health... MBSR often has a long-lasting and profoundly positive influence on their view of themselves and of the world."



Jon Kabat-Zinn

Professor at University of Massacheusetts



Unit 69 Cannon Workshops, Off Hertesmere Road, Canary Wharf, E14 4AS.

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  • Quality course materials. This includes two DVDs with a total of 22 meditations so that you can vary your practices and also have extra meditations to support you when the course is over. You will also receive professionally-printed full-colour handouts every week (about 9 pages each session).  

  • We are not-for-profit and so your fee helps support someone in the local community. The BeingWell is a social enterprise. This means that we prioritise our social mission over profits.

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