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The BeingWell's practitioners all meet and follow the standards, criteria and best practice guidelines set by the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers. In addition, we have attained academic achievement in our own fields spanning psychology, group training and facilitation. You can therefore be confident that you have a teacher with an wider and deeper knowledge of how mindfulness sits within modern theories of human functioning.

Mindfulness trainers Counselling Psychologist Canary Wharf

Dr Sherylin Thompson

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Sherylin brings her academic learning and background career history in the not-for-profit sector to The BeingWell and her clients.

We also know that to be able to make theory relevant, you have to be able to live it practically.


We combine high levels of professional expertise with down-to-earth lived mindfulness in our day-to-day lifestyles.

The BeingWell Mindfulness Trainers




And so we know first-hand how to best be able to help you draw on your own intrinsic well of mindfulness.


We meet the requirements of well-respected accrediting organisations while also actively using mindfulness in ordinary modern day living.

Dr Paul Flaxman

Chartered Occupational Psychologistt

For the past 15 years, Paul has been adapting one of the recent mindfulness approaches (ACT) to help improve employees’ resilience.


"Teachers [of mindfulness] are not sharing a sensible philosophical approach to life with their participants; they are  participating with them in an exploration which is integral to their own life.


In our personal experience, our capacity to embody the essence of mindfulness teachings depends on a continuing ‘alive’ connection with our own practice and with teachings from the wisdom traditions which gave rise to mindfulness."


Mindfulness (2012) 3:76–84

Competence in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses:

Concepts, Development and Assessment (Journal article)