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How to learn mindfulness 2

"Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally."


Jon Kabat-Zinn,

Mindfulness Academic


Mindfulness trains your mind to come back to present moment again and again. Minds naturally wonder, and so you will need to repeat this excercise often. A strong mind comes from doing these repititions many times, just like muscle builds through repetitive movements.


Being in the present moment means letting go of future planning and past thinking. We decide to shift from a ‘doing’ mode and into a more still and patient attitude – the ‘being’ mode. This can feel frustrating at first. And like going to the gym, you might have to do the mindfulness (meditation) exercises even if you do not feel like it and loads of excuses tempt you to give it a miss. But get into the habit. Do it anyway.


Mindfulness is about developing concentration and focus first. This will help you to still the mind in your frantic world. Once you can slow your mind down a bit through focus and attention, you learn to widen the lens of your microscope of awareness to the habits of your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.


Having this greater insight into who you are can be transformative. But you need to experiment for yourself to really observe what this is like.

To overcome unhelpful habits, you learn the healthy habit of mindfulness. Like you may train to develop a muscle at the gym, you train to develop the muscle of your mind for a set period each day. Mindfulness is like a daily exercise for the mind to develop mind fitness, strength and flexibility.

Stretch and tone your mind for strength, agility and health

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In this video clip, Prof. Mark Williams leads a brief meditation to give you a taster.