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These striking contrasting social and economic contexts have something in common. Those working long hours in the skyscrapers and those in poverty could be at risk of personal stress, family strife and knock on psychological difficulties of sleepless nights, depression, anxiety and emotional distress. The BeingWell delivers well-researched and evidence-based mind resilience training - mindfulness. Building resilience is about exercising natural strength while you are well and life is good. This helps resource you when tougher times strike.

The BeingWell is a wellspring for health. It is a place where the community can draw resilience. The BeingWell focuses on being well – not just getting well. The emphasis is on helping you keep your mind flexible, fit and healthy.


The BeingWell knows that being well includes doing well. The BeingWell does its bit to help you help others by putting a proportion of its profits where it is needed the most.

Social Enterprise Canary Wharf
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A Social Enterprise Company

The BeingWell wishes the community in which it exists and works well. The BeingWell is a social enterprise. This means that we put mindfulness over profits. We use a proportion of all profits to give mindfulness to people who might otherwise never be able to go on a mindfulness course. We put the wellbeing of Tower Hamlets at the centre of our mission as a business.





The BeingWell contributes to the economy as a business, and we benefit society too by running projects in similar ways to charities. We do not ask for handouts from the public or rely on grants or public funding. We are sustainable as a business and social enterprise by running high-quality mindfulness programs that individuals, organisations and companies buy as excellent and distinctive products for personal wellbeing and employee health. Then when we do well as a business, society profits.

Founder of the Big Issue, John Bird, narrates this short annimation on what a social enterprise is:

The BeingWell is in the heart of the very unique social and financial situation of Tower Hamlets. Here lies Canary Wharf, one of the world’s most pressurised working environments. The towering skyscrapers generate an economy of £6 billion - larger than that of Jersey, Monaco and Malta. This is starkly juxtaposed with the fact that 20% of Tower Hamlet’s households live on an annual income of £15,000 or less. Within the shadows of booming Canary Wharf are the council blocks with the second-highest level of unemployment in London with many families living in relative poverty.

If you have a social enterprise idea for The BeingWell, we would love to hear from you.


Perhaps you know where we can spread a little bit more mindfulness in the community.


You might just have a general idea you would like to put our way.


We are very open to developing good suggestions where possible. Just fill in the contact form and thank you for your generosity in doing this.

The BeingWell delivers mindfulness paid for services to private individuals, businesses and organisations as well as low-cost or free services to community groups. The BeingWell uses a percentage of profits to bring mindfulness courses to people in need.


"Tower Hamlets is regarded as an exciting and vibrant place to live. And rightly so. But just as the bars, restaurants and galleries tell one part of the story, so too the pawnbrokers and queues outside the advice agencies tell another. Many feel that the economic activity that centres on Canary Wharf does little to benefit local people in terms of jobs and that the business world could take a great deal more responsibility for the wellbeing of the area in which they are based."



Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission